SF Austin Registration
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Students new to the district are required to have EACH of the following items at registration:
Proof of Identity of Parent/Guardian who enroll student.

Acceptable for Proof of Identification:  
*Birth Certificate  
*Driver's License  
*School ID card, records, or report card  
*Military ID  
*Adoption records 
*Any other legal document that establishes identity Copy of child's Birth Certificate OR another document suitable as proof of child's identity (see list above) AND  (if under age 11) a signed, notarized statement explaining the parent's inability to produce a copy of the child's Birth Certificate. 
Copy of child's Social Security Card OR State-Approved Alternate ID last reported through PEIMS (from previous school records).

Child's Immunization Records. Proof of Residency (example, current utility bill addressed to parent/guardian OR rental/lease agreement).

School Records from Previous School District (Withdrawal Form AND/OR Transcript).

Please note that online registration for returning students will open August 3, 2015

Registration Through Family Access (1) (2).PDF